Steelhead fishing on Lake Michigan



Are you a true Steelhead Adventurist? If so, then join us for a day of “strictly steelhead” fishing on Lake Michigan. These custom designed trips are run from my 22′ Starcraft Mariner. They are for parties of 1-3 persons only. Depending on where the steelhead are at the time of year, we could run off-shore 10-12 miles in persuit of these sky-rocketing beauties! And if you have even had one of these fish on the line, you will soon understand why folks have a passion for these fish. You’ll fish with light tackle so you can really feel those jumpers on the line!

Strictly Steelhead 1-3 persons 8 hours


Reserved for steelhead lovers only!



2_steel-3386538 We supply all the fishing tackle you’ll need. These trips are perfect for a birthday present, Father’s Day, or Mother’s Day, and holiday gift certificate. We can even package up your gift certificate with a cap or fishing lure.

Strictly Steelhead 1-3 persons 8 hours


2-2pic-6980293 Mark Ernst /Joe Gitzinger/Warren Stowe

Stictly Steelhead Sucess-9 Steelhead 1 Chinook

Off-shore steelhead average 6-10lbs with an occasional “master angler class” of 15-18lbs. Taxidermy services are available. Join us in 2001 for an exciting off shore adventure today!!
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