Fishing Reports- Lake Michigan & Pere Marquette River -Ludington Michigan

Monday, October, 24, 2016

With the north winds of the past few days the water has cooled off. The surface temp is 59 and down at 47 ft it is 45 degrees.

The temps are screwed up and our last trip wet took steelhead from the 0350s to the 0600s, though not very many.

We trolled for salmon from the 5800s to the 0300s and marked a lot of fish in the skinny water but did not raise a rod.

The PM river has a lot of dark kings in it as does the Pentwater river but the Pentwater closed on Oct 1. There are very few fish in the river at the state park.

Before the winds of the last few days we were catching fish in front of the project from the 3100s out to the 3800 numbers. We were getting kings and steelhead.

Good Fishin………..Capt Ed

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