Fishing report from Ludington, Michigan for 6/21/17 By Captain Ed Stowe of Stowaway Charters

The salmon have slowed down and we are catching a lot of Lake Trout again.  Yesterday we caught five Lake Trout, one Chinook and one Coho salmon.  We are fishing from the 50’s up to the o75o’s.  Best depths are from 90′ to 125′ feet of water.

Best baits are Yeck tin can flashers in silver and gold with spin n gloes and cowbells with peanuts on the riggers.  Cowbells and peanuts on the low wires and or Dreamweaver Spinnies and the new whirlygigs.  Blue Bubble spinnie with a blue bubble meat rig and Kevins girlfriend with a green mile meat rig on the high divers.  I have been using Wart Frogs and or Copperheads on the 150 and 250 coppers.

I have heard of some Steelhead action out deep, but I have not been out there yet.  I will be going out for that Jumper action in the next week.         Good Fishin     Capt Ed