Fishing report from Ludington, Michigan for 6/21/17 By Captain Ed Stowe of Stowaway Charters

The salmon have slowed down and we are catching a lot of Lake Trout again.  Yesterday we caught five Lake Trout, one Chinook and one Coho salmon.  We are fishing from the 50’s up to the o75o’s.  Best depths are from 90′ to 125′ feet of water.

Best baits are Yeck tin can flashers in silver and gold with spin n gloes and cowbells with peanuts on the riggers.  Cowbells and peanuts on the low wires and or Dreamweaver Spinnies and the new whirlygigs.  Blue Bubble spinnie with a blue bubble meat rig and Kevins girlfriend with a green mile meat rig on the high divers.  I have been using Wart Frogs and or Copperheads on the 150 and 250 coppers.

I have heard of some Steelhead action out deep, but I have not been out there yet.  I will be going out for that Jumper action in the next week.         Good Fishin     Capt Ed

Fishing report by Capt Ed Stowe of Stowawaycharters at Ludington, Michigan for 6/2/17.

The Lake Trout have slowed down but the salmon are still here and very fiesty.  We are taking them from the 5100s up to the 0800s.  It is an early bite and then a pick after that.  Moonshines are the best baits early and then meat on the divers seem to work better for me.  Orange spoons are working and Blue seems to be the color on the divers.  Blue bubble with a blue bubble fly and a blue moo with a mountain dew spinnie.

At the pierheads there is a lot of bait and a few fish are being taken there.     Good Fishin………..Capt Ed

Fishing report for 5/25/17 at Ludington, Michigan.

We are catching Lake Trout from the 53’s down to the 48’s.  Yeck tin can dodgers with Spin n Gloes and Whirlygigs with spindoctors are working.  The wire divers are best for me.

We are getting some salmon straight out of Ludington and also up on the point.  The water is still cold and we are taking most of our salmon in the top 60 ft.  Three, five, seven and ten cores and 100, 150 and 200 coppers are all working.  Best for us has been Gold spoons with some orange and /or chartreuse in them.

Good Fishin   Capt Ed

Fishing Report for May 7 at Ludington, Mi

The Earhart Charter – May 7, 2017

The boat is in the marina and we have run a couple of trips.  Catching mostly Lake Trout and some Browns.  We did catch some Chinook Salmon and Coho Salmon at the point on Wednesday and Thursday,  I hope they stick around.  Best baits for the Lake trout are Dreamweaver Spindoctors with Whirlygigs and Yeck Tin Can dodgers and peanuts.  The salmon came on Bombers on the three color, a pinkie on the one fifty copper and a Dreamweaver Red NK spoon on the riggers.  Good Fishin   Capt Ed

Fishing report for 4/07/17 at ludington

We are picking up Browns and Steelhead in the nearshore waters when we can get out.  Mostly on stickbaits and some on spoons.

Ramping up for Fishing

Getting the boat out of storage, waiting for the boat ramps to be put in. Will be chasing the Browns very shortly.

A.M. fishing the Pere Marquette river now picking up a few Steelhead. Mostly on spawn or beads with a bobber.

Big Kings at Big Point Sable

The Barnas charter up at Big Point Sable – some nice big Kings. Call us to book your fall fishing trip.

The salmon are just starting to show up

The salmon are just starting to show up, though not is any numbers yet.
We are catching mostly Lake Trout, from the 54s down to the 50s. Most of the action is on Yeck tin can dodgers and spin-gloes. We are also catching them on Dreamweaver spin doctors and their new spin n glo jig. Most of the action is bottom bouncing with the riggers and divers.

The Offshore fishery is on again off again depending on the winds and the weather. We are fishing from the 3500’s out to 5000’s. The fish are on the temp break lines eating bugs. Most of the action is on the boards with one, two, three and five colors working well. Best baits are Superslims and Yecks in the reds and oranges, with the gold and copper blanks being top producers.
Good Fishin………..Capt Ed